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The Geelong  Historical Society was founded in 1944 and carries out research into the  history of Geelong and district. The results of this are presented via monthly  meetings held on the first Wednesday of each month (except January) at 8pm in  the McPhillimy Hall, St Georges Presbyterian Church, Latrobe Terrace Geelong. Meetings are open and free to the public.
The Investigator is the quarterly magazine published by the Historical Society and is  available in March, June, September and December. Annual volumes are indexed  and a cumulative index for 1965 - 1984 is available at the Geelong Heritage  Centre. A new, updated digitized index is now available in CD Form and can be purchased fromthe secretary for $20.00.  A range of books and pamphlets about Geelong's history are also available from the Society.
The Geelong  Historical Society works in conjunction with the Geelong Heritage  Centre, which it was instrumental in forming and to which its records have been entrusted.  These records are available for private research during the normal hours of  operation of the  Centre. The Society is represented on the Centre's Collection Committee.
The objectives of  the Society are those normally expected of a local historical society.   Its activities embrace the following areas:
  • Monthly meeting  with speaker
  • Quarterly  magazine 'Investigator'
  • Day excursions,  generally two each year in Spring and Autumn
  • Publication of  books and pamphlets
  • Providing  information on Geelong's history
  • Marking historic  sites with memorials or plaques
  • Collecting and  preserving historic documents and artefacts
  • Assisting in the  preservation of historic buildings and structures
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